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Registration Prices:
ITC "Base Registration" - UFAF Members $375.00 * ($275 for member early-birds - details below!)
Non-UFAF Member Guests $375.00 (Guests require the approval of the UFAF Board.)

ITC "Total Experience Package" - UFAF Members only $599.00
- includes Base registration, all seminars, up to 3 tournament divisions included, one UFAF Gala ticket, up to 4 family pass spectator bands OR an additional UFAF Gala ticket (2 total with package), and a one-time additional 10% discount at the UFAF Store at the event

Seminars: First selection $50, each additional selection $35

Professional Development Series (PDS): $99.00 (one additional staff member at $50)
Instructor Development Series (IDS): $99.00

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover are accepted.
(A $2.95 transaction fee will be added to the monthly amount if selecting the Payment Plan option.)

* Members: Register online by June 15th, 2017 and receive $100.00 off the "Base Registration" price above, does not apply to "Total Experience Package".

Cancellations: Cancellations requested up to June 15, 2017 will be refunded all payments less a 10% transaction fee. Cancellations after June 15, 2017 will be refunded all payments, less a 10% transaction fee and $60 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given after the start of the event on July 13, 2017.

ITC Base Registration includes 1 (one) non-refundable UFAF Gala ticket for you.
Additional tickets may be purchased for $75 (Age 4 and under are free)

Spectator Passes
Family spectator pass
$20 per person - pass for family members of a registered ITC participant. This pass includes entry to ITC Kickoff, MRIC, BBQ/pool party, Friday , Saturday & Sunday seminars (that your family member registered for ONLY) and competition. NOTE: UFAF Gala tickets are an additional cost. This pass also includes a video pass with permission to video “segments” of their family member only in the seminars they have registered for.
NOTE: Videoing the duration of any seminars will not be permitted.

UFAF World Championship Tournament
Please visit for the most current rules and information.

Important: Pre-registration is required to compete. Deadline is June 15th, 2017.

NOTE about rank changes: If you anticipate changing rank after you register for the ITC, then go ahead and register now using the rank you realistically anticipate being at the time of the ITC. BUT if your rank turns out to be different than what you registered as, you MUST notify the tournament director (Mr. Elias) by July 1st ( or 843-252-7283.) If you do not, your tournament registration may be voided without refund.

Hotel Reservations
To reserve your room, call the South Point Hotel at 866-791-7626 with the telephone Group Code: United Fighting Arts - UNI0712


Online at:

Weeknights: $60  Weekends: $105

There will be a $20.00 per night charge for each additional person in a room beyond two persons – except for ages 6
and under.

We also have included:
* Complimentary in room Wifi/internet
* Complimentary fitness center access
* Complimentary airport shuttle
* Complimentary printing of boarding passes
* Complimentary Wifi in business center
* Complimentary Parking & Valet

UFAF ITC Guests also receive a 20% discount on services at the Hotel Spa!

Free shuttle service
Shuttle service is available to and from the airport free of charge for South Point Hotel guests only. This is an excellent alternative to taking a cab, which can only carry four or five people at a time and costs anywhere from $24 to $30 (not including tip) for a one-way trip. The shuttles can carry up to 18 people at once.

If you plan to use the airport shuttle, you must reserve your spot on the shuttle at least 24 hours ahead of time. Reservations can be made by calling 1-866-791-7626 (toll-free) or 702-797-8901 (local). Seating is limited and only those with reservations will be allowed to board. The shuttle schedule can be found on the South Point’s website here. NOTE: As a result of the opening of the new terminal at McCarran International Airport, the schedule will change at the end of June. For accurate schedule times during the convention, check the schedule in July.

Student Uniform Requirements
NOTE: The new Chuck Norris System patches and uniforms are available through the UFAF Store and STRONGLY encouraged at this year's event.

- All students must conform to UFAF uniform standards for official events.
- Student uniforms must be all white (red trim – lapel only - for red belts)
- Chuck Norris System Patch on the left lapel and country flag on the upper left arm
- School patch on the upper right arm or right lapel (optional)
- Official “UFAF” back design and student last name required for red/black belts (optional through green belt)
- Belt must represent your standard CNS rank: white, gold, purple, orange, blue, green, red, red w/black stripe, black.
- Stripe belts are also permitted: example green w/stripe. Stripe must run the length of the belt through the middle.
- If you are unsure of anything, or if you are a black belt in another system training in CNS, please ask your instructor or contact

* The past "Team Chun Kuk Do" competition uniform will still be acceptable to wear this year for sparring in seminars and the tournament.

  Jiu-Jitsu Uniform
UFAF members competing in the jiu-jitsu (grappling) divisions of the tournament must wear a UFAF BJJ uniform or a white or blue jiu-jitsu uniform. Also, competitors are to wear the belt that represents rank/skill level in jiu-jitsu, NOT the Chuck Norris System. 

Things to Bring
Check your particular seminar schedule, and bring sparring gear and a traditional weapon if seminar applicable. A grappling
top or UFAF KMF training wear is optional for applicable seminars.

UFAF Member Dress Uniform *
Men – Solid black slacks (no jeans) with solid black blazer (black buttons) OR solid black suit, white shirt and any color tie.
Women – Solid black skirt or slacks (no jeans) with solid black blazer, white shirt or blouse OR solid black dress with solid
black blazer.

* Under Black Belt Members -  If you do not have the full dress uniform, please dress as close as possible (black pants/skirt, white shirt, tie, etc.)

UFAF badge on left lapel (available for purchase in the UFAF Store or at the ITC if you don’t have one.)


For HOTEL and EVENT questions:
Mrs. Tara Cox
Phone: 702-460-0376
For REGISTRATION questions:
Mrs. Kristi Tanner

For TOURNAMENT questions:
Mr. Chuck Elias
Phone: 843-252-7283

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