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2017  UFAF International Training Conference, Annual UFAF Gala, and World Championships


The 2017 International Training Conference (ITC) is packed full of seminars and events that you will not want to miss, with a completely new direction allowing you to personalize your "ITC Experience" for YOU!

You can choose the seminars YOU want from world class instructors in the Chuck Norris System, UFAF BJJ, and UFAF Krav Maga Force covering sparring, self defense, weapons, and more.

We are excited to announce that this year's headliner is Grandmaster Chuck Norris! Make sure to register for "Time with Chuck Norris" and take part in this amazing experience!

Explore the links below to learn all about this years event. Register early and take advantage of the payment plan to break up your registration cost.

The Seminars Detailed Schedule of Events
Instructor Development Series (IDS) General Event Info / Hotel Info
Professional Development Series (PDS) 2016 CKD World Championship Tournament Rules

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Create YOUR ITC Experience - This year the model for the ITC has evolved to give you more flexibility to make this YOUR event to fit your time, interests and budget.

Now, you register and pay a lower base price for the ITC and that includes:
  • Kick Off Ceremony
  • Master Rank Induction Ceremony (MRIC)
  • Private UFAF Pool Party and BBQ
  • Tournament Spectator Access
  • Friday & Saturday Box Lunch
  • Event Shirt
  • Event Program
  • One (1) ticket to the UFAF Gala

Then, add as many, or few, seminars from the line-up below to create your "ITC Experience"! If you're just interested in competing, register for the ITC base and only add the tournament divisions you want. Or, maybe you can only make it in for a day and want to get a spectator pass to watch some of the competition and attend the UFAF Gala... you can do that too.

(More details will be added)

All Ranks, All Ages (ONLY ITC Registered UFAF Members and family pass holders will be permitted in the room)
Friday, July 14

Time with Grandmaster Chuck Norris

"Martial Arts Philosophies According to Chuck Norris"

Adult Group (All Ranks - Ages 13 and up)
Danielle Martin & David Dunn - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Howard Munding & Stephen Hammersley - Knife defense
Joe Gemma - Neck Restraints
Alice McCleary - Bridging the gap from stand-up to ground defense
Robert Sapp - Self Defense & practicial application of the Bo Staff
Jean Jacques Machado - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Youth ITC (All Ranks - ages 12 & under)

Jason Wilcox - Bully Proof Camp - Stop a bully in their tracks
Roy White & Derrick Stinson - Self defense
Aaron Hensley & Jackson Rudolph - Weapons Training - Bo Staff
Steve Giroux - Sparring
Van Frasher - Bridging the gap from stand up to ground defense
Andi Woods & Alexa Erekson - Beginner & Advanced Tumbling and Tricks & Flips





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