Business Management
Marketing Systems

8am - 6pm - Wednesday, July 15th at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa

The UFAF Business Management and Marketing Systems provides the tools, resources, and experience to help maintain and grow your UFAF sanctioned program.


This year we will have an entire day dedicated to our UFAF Chartered School Owners!

We will kick off the school owner day with a training session in the morning from 8am -11am. The training session will be a chance for school owners to train with each other on the new CNS black belt test curriculum, as well as get valuable training and information regarding the new MDS courses. It will also give school owners a chance to get questions answered, share training ideas, brainstorm together and more!!

Next from 11:00am -12:00pm school owners will get a sneak peek at a new course that will be offered through UFAF Krav Maga Force. The course is Active Shooter Emergency Response Training (ASERT). This course will be extremely valuable in today’s world, and we are excited for our school owners to be able to see a preview of what is to come!

After, the active shooter course preview, there will be a break for lunch from 12 noon to 1:00pm.

Then at 1:00pm, school owners will return to finish out the school owner day by spending the afternoon with Mr. Steve Giroux and then Team MAIA, and focusing on the business side of our UFAF Chartered Schools.

The afternoon BMMS session will go from 1pm-6pm.

We hope to see ALL of our UFAF chartered school owners there, you will definitely not want to miss it!

The BMMS is for school owners and their staff only. The BMMS is $99 for the school owner, and they can bring one staff member for free, every additional staff member after the first will be $50 each. For school owners who have the Business Charter Membership, the BMMS is included in their registration and they can bring one additional staff members for free and after that each additional staff member is $50.

Are you interested in owning and operating a sanctioned UFAF school? (Full time or part time)
We will help you plan ahead, guide you, and take the guess work out of opening and operating a successful UFAF school and business. (please contact Tara Cox directly at office@ufaf.org before you register.)

BONUS… Every UFAF school owner who registers and attends the BMMS session will be entered into a drawing to win a great prize at the ITC!

Cost: $99
(Includes yourself and one (1) staff member, each additional staff member $50)

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