ITC Seminars
Friday, July 17th
8:00am - 5:00pm

Meet Your 2020 ITC Seminar Presenters

Adult Seminars
Ages 13 & Up Only
Derrick Stinson - Weapons Galore

Weapons Galore is designed for you to discover new techniques to enhance your skills and abilities with the following weapons: Fans, Bo, Sword, Sai and Nunchuks! By choosing one of these weapons, the martial artist will be able to focus solely on one weapon for the duration of the seminar. My team and I will facilitate a seminar that will meet you at your current skill level. We will be sure to challenge you with up to date techniques and concepts that you can utilize for testing and competition. These techniques will be sport orientated but have a traditional foundation/flavor.

Please remember to bring your weapon of choice to the seminar.
Ed Saenz - Karate, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ, Krav Maga - What are we? We are whatever it takes! The Chuck Norris System

Using The CNS as a complete Self-Protection System. It's now all in your black belt test.

Ken Gallacher - Workout with Grandmaster Gallacher!

Come ready to sweat, work hard, and most of all have fun!!
Megan Linger - Testing, Sparring, And Real-Life Fighting: How To Transition Your Fighting Style From One Mindset To The Next

In this seminar, be prepared to go on a journey from one fighting mindset to the next. As up and coming ranks, not only do we need to be smooth and confident with our fighting combinations for belt testing, but we need to be fast and accurate when competing in tournaments. Ultimately, the real question is how sparring techniques can help you in a real-life situation? Not only will we become confident in fighting combos, but we will work speed drills, two-on-one drills, and finally assume a real-life mindset when an attacker means to do real harm. Prepare for a high energy, fun, and sparring packed seminar at the ITC 2020!

Don’t forget to bring ALL your gear!


Youth Seminars
All ages 5 & up are welcome to attend but these seminars are geared for ages 5-12.
Andi Lynn Woods-Williams - Take Your Karate From The Mat To Real Life

Andi Lynn will be teaching a Youth Krav Maga class covering some of the new stand up and ground combatives and self-defense that has been added to the black belt test. This class will be full of high energy drills and skills to prepare students to not only perform well on a black belt test, but also to be able to protect themselves if ever the need ever arises.

Participants will need to bring some sort of striking gloves, mma gloves, boxing gloves or sparring gloves for this class.
Ben Jones - Kama Fundamentals and Tricks

This seminar will cover kama strikes, cuts, rolls/manipulations, and releases. All skill levels welcomed. Be sure to bring your kamas!

Greg Bullock - Fighting and Flying

Prepare yourself for a dynamic seminar! We will begin with a high-intensity warm-up to prepare our bodies for action. Followed by sparring drills and attacking techniques to mentally gear up for fighting. Then we’ll duke it out on the mat with sparring matches and games. Next comes the martial arts tricking. Jump kicks, spin kicks, aerial movements and more! Tricking explores the performance aspect of martial arts and brings out everyone’s inner ninja.
Jensi Campos - Competitive Kicks

In this seminar, students will be able to improve their kicking abilities by utilizing high quality stretching techniques and drills. Perfect your forms by perfecting your kicks! Come learn how to stretch and develop strong muscles for dynamic kicking in katas and powerful kicks for sparring!

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